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It’s time to convert to LED

LED Lighting Installation in Edinburgh

Converting to LED (Light Emitting Diodes) offers a wide range of benefits and if you haven’t considered LED Lighting then you should. At Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions, we consider ourselves to be the lighting design and installation experts in Edinburgh. So we are the best placed electricians to offer you the guidance and peace of mind you need to convert your domestic or commercial lighting to LED.

Benefits of LED Lighting

It is now well known that LED lighting confers huge benefits to users and the environment, some of which include:

  • Long Life. LED Lights can last up to 10 x longer than a standard halogen lamp. This certainly saves you money.
  • Energy Efficient. Compared to standard light bulbs which operate at a 20% efficiency rate and lose 80% of their energy to heat, LED lights operate at 80% efficiency and lose only 20% to heat. Therefore, to replace a traditional 60W bulb you need just a 6W LED bulb. With being so energy efficient, you use less electricity. Experts suggest you could save £240 a year in energy costs.
  • They don’t heat up. This means that amount of damage or corrosion to fittings is reduced, which in turn lowers your maintenance costs.
  • Environmentally friendly. LED lighting doesn’t contain all the types of harmful chemicals that conventional fluorescent lighting bulbs contain.
  • Furthermore, their long life means that the number which need to be produced compared to conventional light bulbs is massively reduced.

You can find out more about the benefits of LED lighting here.

LED Lighting for Homes and Businesses

LED lights can be installed in your home as well as commercial premises. It makes sense everywhere.

LED lighting can really add focus and mood to a home to enhance its best features. They can be used in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, inside cabinets, stairs and flooring to create a really stunning look. And since they don’t heat up there is practically no risk of damage or fire. You can also install them in your garden decking to make this a really useable space in the evenings.

Business premises like shops, salons and offices really benefit from LED lighting too. LEDs saves the business money as well as providing focused light where you want to highlight specific products or to provide better lighting for staff.

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