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  • 13 Jun, 2017

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by SIMON VICKERS 18 Jan, 2018

Households across Scotland felt the crippling effects of rising energy bills as they soared to a record high.

Scottish homeowners felt financial strains after paying up to £300 more on their energy bills in 2017 compared to the previous year.

Now as we progress into a new year, homeowners are looking for ways on how they can reduce their energy bills and save some extra pennies.

With the late nights and rising temperatures, summer is the perfect opportunity to cut costs throughout your home.

You’d be surprised how much money you could save by cutting out a few things around the house.

This is where we come in.

We’ve taken the liberty of creating a short list of 10 ways you can reduce your energy bill this summer.

by SIMON VICKERS 22 Dec, 2017

Christmas is renowned for being a time of festive spirit, happiness and cheer. For many, there isn’t anything more comforting than decorating the house surrounding by your loved ones.

Whether you decide to decorate the entire house or simply just your Christmas tree, there are a number of electrical hazards that you should be aware of. Christmas is a common time for house fires, and a large proportion of these fires are directly caused by faulty electrics or electrical issues.

 To reduce any unexpected accidents ruining your celebrations, we recommend taking a few minutes to read our Christmas electrical safety tips and advice.

by SIMON VICKERS 01 Nov, 2017
Landlords in Edinburgh and throughout Scotland are required by law to ensure that their property is safe from any electrical hazards. However, many landlords run the risk of exposing themselves to fines through their inability to act on their electrical safety obligations. 

Not only are they putting themselves at significant financial risk, they are also putting millions of tenants at risk of serious accident or fire. 
by SIMON VICKERS 14 Aug, 2017
Light Emitting Diodes, or often referred to as LED lights , offer an extensive range of benefits for both your  home and your business. From being more energy efficient to a longer lifetime, LED lights are a better substitute to your current, standard lighting. 

We have taken the liberty of narrowing down the vast ranging benefits offered by LED lights into a presentation. The benefits are endless, so instead of listing hundreds and hundreds of reasons, we decided to compact them into the 20 most beneficial reasons as to why you should consider switching to LED lights. 
by SIMON VICKERS 13 Jun, 2017
by SIMON VICKERS 17 May, 2017

When you need an electrician most people “Google” for one or are passed a recommendation from a friend. But probably most people do not bother to check to see whether the electrician is registered with NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting) or similar.  This body was created in 1956 to regulate the industry and to standardise training and work practises. To become an approved NICEIC contractor the electrician must :

·        Ensure work is carried out to the current edition of BS 7671; the IET Wiring Regulations

·        Ensure certification is issued on completion of installation work, as directed by BS 7671

·        Have up-to-date copies of BS 7671

·        Have competence with test instruments as outlined by Part 6 ("Inspection and Testing") of BS 7671; the IET  Wiring Regulations

·        Have public liability insurance of at least £2m.

In short, NICEIC registered electricians have to pass stringent inspections on their work, documentation, processes, their equipment and lots more. If they are able to meet the high standards required they will be allowed onto the register. They are then regularly inspected to ensure that they maintain these high standards. The aforementioned accreditation, NICEIC logo, can then be displayed on their website, van, uniforms, marketing etc.

NICEIC Platinum Promise

But why should you care? By law, electricians do not need to be registered with a regulatory body. But it is a good idea to choose one that is. A practical benefit of doing so is that if you have a problem with the work undertaken by a NICEIC electrical contractor , you can contact NICEIC to ask them to get involved.

NICEIC offers consumers a Platinum Promise. If you are unhappy with the work carried out by one of its registered contractors – and they agree- they will help to put it right.

Employing cheaper but unregistered electricians can lead to disaster sometimes. There are plenty of stories in the news where terrible and shoddy work carried out by so-called electricians lead to fatal consequences. The problem is that anyone can say that they are an electrician and very few householders will actually check the qualifications of the person turning up to do the work. Ensuring that your electrician is NICEIC registered demonstrates that the electrician is fully qualified (you can check the NICEIC register to be sure).

by SIMON VICKERS 21 Apr, 2017
The laws in Scotland surrounding landlord electrical checks have changed in recent times and so we wanted to provide an infographic which outlined the electrical checks which landlords should do in their properties to keep tenants safe. And stay on the right side of the law. Please feel free to share.
by SIMON VICKERS 15 Mar, 2017

Most people know where their fuse box (or consumer unit) is in their home. It is usually found near their property entrance.  A fuse box controls all of the electrical circuits in your home and is the place you should go to turn off your electrical supply in an emergency.

by SIMON VICKERS 13 Oct, 2016
Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions are NICEIC registered, catering for all you electrical requirements. Whether you need a new socket installed or a full re-wire, we are more than happy to help. Please feel free to get in touch with any inquiries. Free, no obligation quotes on request. 
by SIMON VICKERS 10 Oct, 2016
Luxury Lighting Boutique in partnership with Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions, opening Autumn 2016. We will be displaying the finest crystal chandeliers in Edinburgh. Watch this space...
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