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Edinburgh Tenement Stair Lighting Repairs 

The City of Edinburgh Council will only provide repair and maintenance services for stair lighting in blocks where the council owns properties. This means, in blocks where all properties are privately owned, the council will no longer maintain stair lighting. You and your neighbours now have a legal responsibility to make sure the common stair lighting is in working order and doesn't present a health and safety hazard. This legal responsibility can be adhered to, by appointing a factor to carry out any repairs and maintenance work that needs doing to the stair lighting in your block.

Here at Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions in Edinburgh we are on hand to help organise ex-council stair lighting repairs. In conjunction with our in-house electricians we can offer a one-stop shop for factoring and repairing, in return for a monthly or annual fee. We offer a FREE stair lighting evaluation, so get in touch today.

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