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Celebrating Scotland’s heritage through cutting-edge electrical innovation

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At Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions, we are committed to celebrating our nation’s heritage. Being based in central Edinburgh, our work and our ethos has long been influenced by our historic surroundings and the iconic legacies of the Scottish thought leaders that paved the way for innovation today.

By prioritising innovative solutions and ensuring each member of the Keith Gunn team has their finger on the pulse of any new, cutting-edge information, we are able to better serve the residents and business owners of Edinburgh and pay homage to the great thinkers who came before us.

The innovative Scottish mindset.

Pushing boundaries and taking large discovery strides have been a part of the Scottish mindset for centuries. From the television, to the telephone, to tarmac, our nation’s legacy was built by the thought leaders of their day in a way that continues to impact the way we live our lives in 2021. 

At Keith Gunn, we harness this iconic attitude of innovation in regards to both what services we provide and the way in which we deliver them. We never look to provide a ‘quick fix’ or a ‘patch job’, but rather always prioritize quality work that will stand the test of time, even throughout future eras of innovation. By having this type of mindset and looking at things through a wide angle lens, we are able to provide our customers with the best electrical solution for their requirements. 

What steps are we taking?


Within the last year, our team has completed over 15 courses ranging from environment awareness and infection control, to asbestos awareness and manual handling. These courses have proven to be invaluable to our team – one of the day-to-day outcomes being the new infection control kits (pictured above) that we now ensure each team member is kitted out with on every single job they attend. 

By going above and beyond the industry norm, we’ve been able to provide many communities in the Central Belt with the safest of cutting-edge electrical solutions during the most critical times. 

As a team, we aim to continue this focus on continually improving our knowledge in order to keep up with the best of the new technologies and procedures as they arrive on the scene.

Where we are going.

We are continuing to trailblaze the way forward for electricians everywhere and celebrate our own Scottish heritage by continuing to provide communities with cutting-edge electrical innovation. 

We recently completed a new set of training courses tailored towards installing UV-C lighting, also known as disinfection lighting. This highly technical, incredibly innovative type of technology is proving to be revolutionary in both residential and commercial spaces, and we’re delighted to now be able to offer it as one of our new services.

Stay tuned for a future blog post where we’ll be answering all the common questions surrounding UV-C lighting. But, if you can’t wait and want your questions answered now, be sure to get in touch with us via our contact page. 

Keep in touch. 

We’ve been providing first class, quality electrical services to Edinburgh for over 30 years now and count it a massive privilege to be a part of such a great heritage.

From electrical services, to lighting installations, and landlord services, Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions is Edinburgh’s choice for trusted and reliable electricians. 

Call us on 0131 225 3205 to discuss your requirements with us today.


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