LED Lights: Why Should You Consider Installing Them?

Light Emitting Diodes, or often referred to as LED lights, offer an extensive range of benefits for both your  home and your business. From being more energy efficient to a longer lifetime, LED lights are a better substitute to your current, standard lighting.

We have taken the liberty of narrowing down the vast ranging benefits offered by LED lights into a presentation. The benefits are endless, so instead of listing hundreds and hundreds of reasons, we decided to compact them into the 20 most beneficial reasons as to why you should consider switching to LED lights.


Whether it’s for your home or business, LED lights can be installed with ease throughout your premises. At Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions, we like to consider ourselves to be the lighting design and installation experts. We are the best placed electricians in Edinburgh who offer you the guidance and peace of mind you need to transform your domestic or commercial lighting to LED.